Preview: Tokyo If You Please

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Humans are bound by the need to find a place where they belong – a home. Such a refuge need not be bound by a roof and four borders, neither is it merely defined by the occupants of one’s locale. For a couple of women based in Manila, the search for home led them to a five-and-a-half-hour plane ride, an immersion in a foreign culture, and a series of unexpected events, as our protagonists found themselves at the world’s largest metropolis, Tokyo.

Erin Nøir is an emerging black and white photographer who aspires to bring together the Philippine photographic community by creating avenues where local image-makers can exhibit their work and improve their craft. Frustrated by the disjointed scene and disheartening personal affairs, she rekindled her love for The Land of the Rising Sun and opted to reside in daydreams while sashaying through life on autopilot. Her life was about to take a different turn when she was unexpectedly presented a plane ticket to Japan.

Celene Sakurako is a Filipino-Japanese writer and photographer who occasionally flies to her country of origin, Japan, to fix legal documents or simply visit her family. Growing up in Tokyo, she gets to spend time in her old neighborhood and catch up with college pals whenever she’s in the prefecture. Conflict arose in a seemingly spotless routine, however, as she found herself being drawn farther and farther away from her hometown through each visit. Her most recent trip led her to a path of discovery, a rigid thoroughfare where the very definition of home is in question.

Life sometimes is stranger than fiction. And their tales come as no exception.

Read their stories on our July – August 2017 issue on

By Paul Wenceslao

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