Like a Surging Storm: Meet Wave, Marvel’s New Pinay Superheroine

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Article Yuri Mangahas

Photo: Greg Pak / Marvel

Comic book writer Greg Pak surprised the Philippines last weekend as he unveiled a first look at Marvel’s newest Pinay superheroine: Wave.

Just like a storm surging the coasts of Boracay, the latest addition to Marvel’s ever expanding roster of colorful personalities created waves across the spectrum. Who wouldn’t be proud to know, after all, that a kababayan of ours may get a chance to rub elbows with Iron Man or even drop a friendly banter with Spider-Man?

But who exactly is Wave? How will she come in play to the main Marvel timeline?


Taking a Dive With Wave

The Kampilan: Wave’s weapon of choice

Hailing from Visayas, Wave is a Cebu-based superheroine with no special powers or gifts. However, her visor headgear allows her to breathe and move underwater. Her suit has retractable fins which endows her with the ability to travel and move swiftly at great depths. She also wields modernized versions of the Kampilan, a traditional Filipino sword once held by the heroic Lapu-Lapu.

Wave is slated to make her grand debut in a tie-in to Marvel’s upcoming crossover event, “War of The Realms.” She will be recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo, who seeks to assemble a team of heroes to defend Asia from the threat of the Dark Elves.

Aside from Wave, the tie-in will also bring the likes of Shang Chi and Amadeus Cho or The Hulk, and it will be interesting to see how her dynamics blends with the rest of Marvel’s heroes.


Not The First

The Triumph Division, Marvel’s first Filipino super-team

This isn’t the first time the red brand introduced Filpino heroes to the fray. In 2008, Marvel debuted the Triumph Division, a group of Filipino superheroes whose names, powers and likenesses are passed down from one generation to another. Each member trains his/her entire life to prepare for the day they will take on their predecessors’ mantle.

Unfortunately, the first incarnation of the team did not enjoy much of the limelight as they were assassinated by Ezekiel Stane’s men during the events of Invincible Iron Man #2. However, a second iteration of the team was formed years later and became instrumental to the retrieval of Tony Stark from the clutches of his nemesis, the Mandarin.

The Story Behind Wave


Filipino comic book artist Leinil Yu


According to a recent interview, it was Marvel EIC C.B. Cebulski who made it possible for a Filipina to join the ranks of the growing Marvel roster. Cebulski sent Filipino comic book artist Leinil Yu an email, asking if he’s interested to craft the design for a Pinay heroine, and the latter jumped in without any hesitation. A number of Marvel editors joined Yu, Cebulski and Pak on brainstorm sessions and the latter provided Yu with notes regarding her idea for Wave’s look.

The rest, as they say, is history. Or shall we say history in the making?

Cebulski expressed during the interview that Filipino fans are the most passionate people he has met in his lifetime.

“Filipino Marvel fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and we’ve always wanted to return that love… and now we finally have that chance, in the form of the water warrior known as Wave! Greg Pak and Leinil Yu have created Marvel’s newest hero, a fascinating Filipina with roots in Cebu. We look forward to exploring not only her place in the Marvel Universe, but her origins in the Philippines!”

Wave will dive to Marvel’s panels in New Agents of Atlas. in May.

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