How Short Can Your Shorts Go?

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Because apparently the length of a guy’s shorts has a direct correlation to his sexuality.

Once upon a time, before the emergence of metrosexuality, men took around 15 minutes to bathe and dress up, and they ate whatever they wanted to eat, not caring if they get pudgy. Consequently, they get labelled as “gay” when they make an effort to look good before going out, which doesn’t even make sense. Now, we live in a time when men take care of themselves more, just as women do. They diet to lose weight, use skincare products, and they take more time choosing what to wear on a normal day out.

Yes, men aren’t how they used to be. With the pressures of society and the opening of their eyes to possibilities expressing themselves through clothing, men’s fashion had evolved, and their sexuality got questioned because of their style choices. One train ride ago, I overheard two girls checking a guy out, but they called him gay after they saw that he was wearing a pair of orange corduroy shorts cut off an inch above his knee. The guy reminded me of my own brother, who wore shorts of that length, but he definitely was not gay; he just found those shorts extra comfy and he thought they looked good on him.
My brother always just wore what he felt was comfy. Or, as others might say, he has no fashion sense. One time, I caught him wearing a red shirt with red shorts. It was definitely not a look I see anyone rocking in public (because he looked like he had a jumpsuit on) so I told him to change and put on a pair of dark blue denim shorts. Still comfy and slightly more fashionable. So I let him loos out in the world wearing something that would not turn heads for all the wrong reasons. It was the same case with his inch-above-the-knee shorts. It may not be the height of fashion but it was still comfy and it should most certainly not be an indicator of one’s sexuality.
How justifiable is it to label a man as gay and not even see any bit of evidence except for shorts that go above the knee? Don’t get me wrong; being gay is not bad, and it is as okay as being straight or bi or queer is. But assuming and forcing that someone is gay just because of his clothing choices is ignorant, and can be hurtful to some extent. It is a man’s prerogative to wear whatever the heck he wants without being judged incorrectly for it, just as it is a woman’s. As Alan Alda once said, “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
Here’s a more factual and less relative example of how ever-changing and confusing clothes can be. King Louis XIV wore high heels during the 16th century to appear taller and save his ego, since he thought his height left something to be desired. France being a male-dominated society, women felt the need to mimic what they saw in men for them to feel equal, to be at par with men. Women then chopped their hair short, smoked pipes, and eventually, adapted high heels into their ensemble. So eventually, men got away from wearing high heels, to distinguish themselves more from women. So high heels were essentially a man’s thing, but I don’t see women ostracized for wearing high heels now, do I?

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