In the past couple of years, esports has seen a big explosion in popularity and scale. Now, tons of athletes and personalities have made moves to be a part of the scene; just look at Jeremy Lin’s former esports Dota org VGJ, or Shaquille O’Neal’s investment in NRG Esports. Now, another big name has entered the esports realm, and it’s none other than the Doggfather himself!

Snoop Dogg recently held the Gangsta Gaming League last March 14 (March 15 in PHT), a Madden NFL 19 tournament he made with Merry JaneSnoop’s own ‘cannabis-focused’ digital platform. As it is a tourney by Snoop himself, the Gangsta Gaming League most definitely had copious amounts of cannabis use, both by Snoop the competitors.


The tourney itself featured eight competitors, all of which are Snoop’s “closest gaming friends.” The participants of the league are: Red Woods, Red Grant, JC, Tripo Loc, Lala, Waniac, Young Sagg, and the tourney’s eventual winner Shelton. With his win, Shelton won the lion’s share of the league’s USD $11,000 prize pool.

While Snoop has yet to announce a follow-up to the GGL after its first quick run, we’re expecting more to come from his new venture. After all, the Gangsta Gaming League did serve up some more casual esports action, perfect if you wanted a break from the more intense games from the likes of the Overwatch League or League Champions Korea 2019.