Aj Bacar is the creator of SSKAIT and the brains behind the online viral comic, Man vs. Ipis. Surely, he may have written a story about the bravery of a man battling a flying cockroach, but in real life, he’ll be the first to flee when he spots one. Black coffee is his guilty pleasure, blended perfectly as dark as his humor.

Following his successful release of ‘SSKAIT: Man vs Ipis vol 1’, he’s currently on the works for his anticipated second book. More information can be found at the following links:




Who/What are your inspirations for your art style and content?

Most of my writing contents are based on current events. Sometimes, I get the idea from random discussions, with friends, colleagues, random people, or current/previous life experiences.

For my art style, i think it is heavily influenced by my favorite shows, Rick N Morty, Adventure Time, with a dash of Kiko Machine and Pugad Baboy’s humor.


Merchandise and or books you sell featuring your work.

I am currently selling my first booklet, Man vs. Ipis, consisting of 52 pages, in full-color. Plus, you’ll get the chance to see more of the story behind the viral Man vs. Ipis comics. I also sell sticker packs and mostly are, relatable to adulting life. Keychains and t-shirts are sometimes available in comic conventions and online: https://shp.ee/bzs4qzq.

Also, I’m plugging the upcoming Komiket event on February 16-17, 2019, at Elements At Centris in Metro Manila.