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Posted By : jeffrey infante | Posted : August 22, 2012

The Philippine Senate is no stranger to controversy. So it may not be such a big deal to have Antonio

Trillanes IV, leader of the 2003 Oakwood mutiny, join the ranks of the country’s legislators.

The former lieutenant of the Philippine Navy was elected after campaigning from behind bars. According to a report on ABS-CBNnews.com, a word war erupted between Senator Joker Arroyo (who called Trillanes a “mosquito”) and Senator Trillanes (who called Arroyo  the “laziest senator”) after Arroyo criticized Trillanes of overspending from behind bars. Trillanes brushes of accusations, saying he was very busy filing bills and holding committee hearings from inside Camp Crame. Some would say Senator Trillanes, while detained, performed better than some certain senators who are free as birds.

Senator Trillanes was released in December 20, 2010, following a proclamation by President Benigno Aquino III effectively granting amnesty to Trillanes.

Senator Trillanes appears here on the pages of PLAYBOY to answer our hardest questions. Like a true fighter, the senator does not back down. In fact, he has charmed the PLAYBOY staff and Playmates with his calm demeanor and winsome smile.


1. You ran for public office while still in detention. What convinced you to run for the senate?

Basically we just wanted to know from the people if they still wanted us to serve them. I started in public service while I was still 19 years old, and it is the only thing how to do. At that point, we wanted to know for sure if what we did in 2003 was reflective of the people’s desires and that was the only way to know.

How does it feel to have won a seat in the senate? I look at it not as a burden but as an obligation to be true to that mandate and trust given to me by the people. And we cannot possibly turn our backs on that. That’s how I look at it. Someone had asked me during the elections what I would do if I lost. I answered, well if I lost, I would win my life back. But public service is devoting my life to the service of the people.


2. How were you able to help your constituents while you were in jail?

Most may not have been aware but I was basically a functioning Senator even while I was in detention. I was able to file bills and, at some point, I was even able to conduct committee hearings inside Camp Crame. During the 14th Congress, we ranked 4th in most number of bills filed with 347 bills and resolutions, 18 of which were eventually passed into law.


3. What would you be doing now if you did not win?

I would probably be engaged in some family business. Or maybe I would be teaching. Public Administration, I’ve grown to love the subject when I took up my masters in Public Administration.


4. What would motivate you, if ever, to stage another coup?

If any president, present or future, starts to have his own countrymen killed or wilfully oppresses them, all self-respecting Filipinos should rise up and revolt. This is a basic right of a people as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and is the primary reason why democracy was conceptualized in the first place.


5. Retired military officials Carlos Garcia and Jacinto Ligot faced tax evasion charges and were subsequently investigated in the senate. As an officer and a gentleman yourself, would you say these officials acted in a gentlemanly manner during the course of their investigation?

I wouldn’t [say they acted ungentlemanly], they were just following legal advice. Basically they stonewalled the investigation. They followed a legal strategy. They were not giving the committee anything to expose themselves. It was a strategy that they followed to the letter, not knowing that they’ll be charged with plunder nonetheless. With regards to the bargaining agreement with General Garcia, I believe that is irrelevant now because he is now facing a new plunder case. So we don’t need to worry about that anymore. Anyway we have that with the ombudsman who is now is responsible with that.


6. If you had an extra pair of balls to give to a government official, to whom would you give it?

If I had an extra pair of balls, I would probably give it to President Noynoy Aquino. Not necessarily because he doesn’t have any, but because there are so many negative forces and well-entrenched interests in our country that he may need an extra pair of balls to stand up to all of them.


7. What kind of president does the Philippines need right now? Who is the best President the Philippines has ever had?

We need a president who is a transformational leader. A transformational leader has a vision for change for his country and he has leadership qualities to inspire his people to follow him in actualizing that vision. Who is the best President the Philippines has ever had? Emilio Aguinaldo. He is our country’s first president, which proved to the world that Filipinos are more than tribesmen and that we, in fact, have the capacity to govern ourselves. To further highlight this achievement, he had to fight both the Spanish and American colonizers to lead the first nationalist revolution in Asia.


8. What was the worst thing about going to prison?

If you’ve never been to prison, you dread that moment when you do have to go. People dread that. Pero kapag nandoon ka na, sinama ka doon sa common criminals… Akala nila kasi bubugbugin ako doon, re-rape-in ako doon. (But once you’re there, with the common criminals… Well some people thought I was going to be beat up or raped.) But my fellow detainees respected me. Kasi alam nila ang ginagawa ko. So noong nandoon na ako, mahimbing na ang tulog ko. Wala ka nang katatakutan pa. kasi yon  na e. di ba iyon iyong something that we fear most, kapag nasa labas ka, to be sent to prison. Di ba? (Because they knew what I was doing. So once I was inside, I was able to sleep soundly. There was nothing to be afraid of. Because that was it. If you’re outside, being imprisoned is something you fear.) The worst part [of being sent to prison} is the first day. The first time you are being placed inside the detention center. That is the worst. Because nobody would want to be sent to jail at any point in your life. but there it was. The first time they closed the cell, that was the worst. The rest of the seven and a half years were basically a learning process.


9. Seven and a half years is a long time to be in prison. You must have made plans of escaping. What did you do and what made you change your mind eventually about escaping?

At some point in 2004, we actually planned to escape. Because that’s the natural instinct of a political prisoner. [We changed our minds] because of circumstances. At that point in time we had a legal victory. We were granted bail so we didn’t have to escape. Before the elections in 2004, we knew that GMA would cheat FPJ. So we still had people outside who will help us, who will work for us. So that was the context of the escape plane. I can’t reveal more details. But It wouldn’t involve killing soldiers. More likely, [it would have invoved] coopting our custodians into letting us escape.

In 2007, we did escape, we convinced the AFP guards that we had in Makati to allow us to leave the courtroom. But that was not the escape in the strict sense of the word where you hide and all. We just walked out. In your face. We just walked out. We had our guards, but they were with us and we walked out with them. So that was a statement but was largely relegated to the minor issues because of the arrest of the media men and the rebellion itself. And it was also fortunate because the soldiers were spared from being prosecuted. Our guards, they weren’t investigated or detained because they went with us. Because it’s going to backfire on them.


10. You say that detention makes you a better person. How did this happen?

Being in detention is a very humbling experience. It strengthens your character. It makes you a better Christian, a better father, a better friend. It brings your feet back on the ground. The change may not have been brought by a specific event but it is just the overall environment. Because, imagine, we live in a very small room. At one point we didn’t even have an electric fan. We just had books. And we cherish every single privilege. Just going out of that room is something I cherished. So it’s the little things. Because outside we tend to neglect all these blessings that we have. Minsan, we could be driving a beautiful car but we’d be feeling depressed. It’s like that. May magpasalubong lang ng Jollibee, masaya ka na. Iyong mga ganoon. (If someone brought hamburgers, we were overjoyed. It was like that.) The experience made me embrace life more.


11. If it were up to you, how would you choose to die?

I am tempted to say, “I’d choose to die while defending my motherland,” because as a former soldier, that’s how we were wired to think.


12. If you could ban one television show, what would it be?

Since hardcore porn is banned on TV in our country, I won’t ban anything. We should let parents guide their kids on what to watch, while adults should be allowed to watch anything they want.


13. Who or what do you consider to be the biggest enemy of democracy? Why?

Corrupt politicians. Primarily, because they use money to buy the people’s vote – if not Comelec officials – just to ensure their victory at the polls. This goes against the very essence of democracy. Worse, once elected, they would immediately steal government money so that they could buy their victory in the next elections.


14. What do you consider to be the biggest enemy of sexiness? Why?

Lousy clothes. Clothes can either help one look sexy or accentuate further one’s sexiness. Lousy clothes, on the other hand, can cover up, dampen or diminish sexiness. But if a person doesn’t have clothes, it could be sexier.


15. What do you consider the sexiest time of day? Why? May we also ask, what is your kinkiest sex fantasy?

Night time because that’s when most social and, ultimately, sexual activities occur. (Laughs) My kinkiest sex fantasy? I was never the adventurous type so anything kinky or unconventional is not my thing. I’m more into romance and passion so any sex fantasy would likely include a serene environment with a nice view; and a cozy room with a big soft bed.


16. What’s sexier, being a navy officer or being a senator?

I think being a Navy officer is sexier. Maybe because some say the “man-in-uniform” aura has some effect on women. (Laughs)


17. Do women in power turn you on? Why or why not?

Not really, because women in power can be quite intimidating. For me they can be attractive, but not necessarily sexy.


18. Who, in your opinion, is the sexiest Hollywood or local actress?

I can name two: Monica Bellucci and Madeleine Stowe. Come to think of it, they actually look similar. It can be romantic to die in battle. But if you die in combat, it means you wouldn’t know if you have won the battle. If you survive the battle, then you would know if you have accomplished the mission you set out to do. Given our peacetime context, I’d say that I prefer to die in my sleep. I believe that people who die in their sleep are at peace with what they have done in this world and have, more or less, accomplished whatever it is they have set out to achieve in life.

19. Of the things you have done in your life, what do you regret most?

I don’t have any regrets in life. It may be cliché, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. Negative experiences are supposed to teach us life’s lessons which, hopefully, would strengthen our character and make us better persons. I’m not the type to regret anything. Whether it’s a positive or a negative experience, I just learn it. So it makes you a better person. So even if I was in jail for seven and a half years, I never regretted doing what I did back in 2003. I’m a better man than I was in 2003 because of that experience in detention.


20. One final question, Senator Trillanes. Why did you agree to be interviewed by PLAYBOY?

You’re one of the public interest magazines. Your from one of the more exclusive sectors of publishing. And growing, up I read PLAYBOY. PLAYBOY is part of growing up. You get to learn about stuff, not only do you get to appreciate beautiful women, but you get to know about men’s stuff, such as about different clothes, what to wear, about issues, and others.

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