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Posted By : jeffrey infante | Posted : August 22, 2014

Whether we admit it or not, sexual fetishes seem to have become mainstream in today’s culture. Some of them had become so familiar, that we no longer consider them taboo. Yet oftentimes, we encounter samples of really bizarre fetishes, that make us cringe by just thinking about them.  Let’s take a look at some of the more peculiar cases of Fetishism.


Agalmatophilia : Mannequin Love

How many times have we seen this referenced in pop culture? Often comically portrayed by a guy putting a mannequin into the front seat of his car, convincing himself that it is his girlfriend or wife.  Just turn into any corner sex shop and you would see an assortment of sex dolls or mannequins in all shapes and sizes, and yes, those funny looking blow-up ones are also included here.


Partialism : Specific Body Parts

Some people are turned on by specific body parts, hands, nose, armpits, but for this particular sexual fetish, nothing seems to be more popular than a woman’s foot, specifically, women’s feet on high heeled shoes! Just try to Google Partialism and you’ll end up with a plethora of websites dedicated to this much venerated female part. Now partially distorted women’s feet is nothing new. Just a century ago, the Chinese practice of binding a woman’s feet was widely practiced and considered a turn on for Chinese males, so this fetish definitely has some historical credibility and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future.


Salirophilia: Dirty Sex

Many people like to take a shower before sex so that they smell fresh and clean for their partner. We’ve of course heard of dirty sex, but most people mean this figuratively. This fetish involves anything from as little as smudged make-up in your partner’s face, messed-up hair, ripped clothing, to something really crazy like taking sex outside and rolling over mud puddles. This one actually sounds kind of exciting, until the neighbours stumble upon you dirty creatures!


Paraphilic Infantilism: Adult Diapers

This particular one seems to be exclusive to males. It involves wearing diapers (or something similar) and pretending to be a baby. Why diapers? It’s a totem of infancy and freedom, says Dr. Ian Kerner, a New York City sex therapist. Now who says playing Bondying isn’t sexy? Just ask Jimmy Santos, he’s reported to have several wives.


Mechanophilia: Mechanics galore

Men pursue the best cars that money can buy because we all know that women find them sexy. But for people with mechanophilia, cars, gizmos and assorted gadgets are central to the sexual experience. Yes we have heard of sex toys, but this one is on a different level. More than the actual “mechanical” action to enhance sex, there’s something about the idea of using these gadgets aside from their utilitarian use that some people find irresistible. I guess that’s more reason to keep your phone at arm’s reach while you’re in bed.


Dacryphilia: Are Those Tears?

This one sounds harmless at first, but could potentially be one of the more dangerous fetishes on this list. Crying is one of the most visceral of human emotions, no wonder it fuels the same intense sexual desires in some people. This is often acted upon as making nice with one’s “victim”. And as long as this sort of play is consensual, there is probably no need to be concerned. However, Dr. Ian Kerner, a New York City sex therapist, cautions that all fetishes and sexual compulsions have the potential to become pathological. So if your partner is into this sort of arrangement, you better watch your back!


Autoandrophilia: I’m a Boy

Some girls like to play the man’s role (and no, were not talking about lesbians here, though it’s still applicable to them, I think) complete with dressing up and matching the usual male mannerisms like having a deep voice, facial hair, and dominant personality. More often than not, they are the ones who will play the dominant role in bed as well. When your girlfriend uses your clothes and labels them “boyfriend fashion” you better start thinking.


Acrotomophilia: Amputees

Now this one is just pushing the boundaries of weirdness. There’s something not quite right with the idea of someone who is turned on with a lover who has a missing limb. Yet, according to doctors, they are out there. The root cause for this is still unclear, maybe it has something to do with the amputee’s helplessness, or the person might actually feel his doing charitable work having sex with someone who is considered to be disabled. Personally, I think amputees also deserve to get laid, so hooray for these niche pickers!


Somnophilia: While She Lay Sleeping

Some guys like watching their partners sleep, which is sort of romantic at some level, but others do more than just watch. They, quite literally, take advantage of sleeping beauty.  What makes this fetish different is that the guy would do his best to sex up his partner without making her wake up. Therapists say it is “generally about power and submission for both parties – having someone within your total control, and totally submitting.” It’s a stretch but I guess one can’t be more submissive than when he or she is asleep. No information is given on whether snoring is actually a turn on for some of these people.

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