Our body is a sex machine and before a machine goes to work you have to figure out the right buttons to press to fire it up. And by buttons, I mean trigger points, pleasure points or erogenous zones. Hit the right button and it can stimulate your partner to engage in sex. Not only that it is helpful on foreplays but it can boost the sensation while having sex, too. But what are those trigger points that should be hit?


I give you the 10 erogenous zones you should definitely hit before and during sex:

  • Ears

    A gentle touch to the ear is sensual, but giving it a caressing smooch, a playful soft bite and tickle it with your tongue is more than enough to turn oneself on. A breath from the nose can add up to the sensation and whisper, too! Just by doing this is a guaranteed instant arousal.

  • Neck

    This one is a no brainer. Kissing the neck is one common area everyone is hitting.  And I have to say, it always does the trick.
  • Nape of your neck

    A light running of fingertips or gently kissing the nape is one pleasurable spot you should not miss. Nape has thousands of nerve endings responsible for uncontainable sensation.
  • Back

    Kissing the back and giving it quick small bites can give extra pleasure particularly when doing doggy style. Or for starters just by caressing the back can instantly turn you on.
  • Nipples
    Also known as second base, the breasts, specifically the nipples, are one of the best stimulating spots both for men and women. Touch it, kiss it, nibble it, you will never fail to get an arousal from it.
  • Lower abs

    There is a special sensation that can only be found on lower abs when kissed, sure it’s the nerve endings but maybe it’s because of the anticipation that the doer is going lower and closer to the genitals.
  • Inner thighs
    This is one of the most sensitive parts. A little nibbling, kissing or licking can definitely and instantly embark unspeakable pleasure. Like the lower abs, the anticipation of getting closer to the genitals adds more to the sensation.
  • Pubic mound
    The closest you can go before reaching the genitals. Pubic mound is connected to the genitals, which make the sexual response is same as hitting the genitals.
  • Butthole
    Well, this one may not be for everyone, but I assure you, giving the butthole a brisk with the tongue or “rimming” is one mind blowing experience. For the lack of better words, I’ll say it’s more like it is your first time engaging in an oral sex.
  • Feet
    The feet hold tons of nerve endings, which make it a good spot to start with.  Feet are really ticklish, but when mouth is used for tickling, it can be an out-of-the-body experience.