Making love and sharing an intimate moment with your partner is one of the best things in the world. Every caress, every kiss, every hug, every clench is magical. The moment you shared together is a beautiful story; a story often untold.  But how about turning it into art? Art made by you and your partner expressed by your body while having erotic and passionate sex. This is what Allure Art Kit has to offer.


Photo from Allure Art Facebook Page

This art kit is made to spice up your sexual activity by having an artwork out of your lovemaking. Besmirch the blank canvass with your body as paint brushes drenched in colorful paints and draw away the story of your carnal pleasure. With it’s safe and washable paint, you don’t have to worry about it getting in your way, just enjoy every spur of the moment and let your body do the painting.

The Allure Art Kit includes:

1 cotton canvas
3 paint colors of your choice
1 plastic floor protection cover
1 shower sponge
2 pairs of disposable slippers
instruction manual

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Now telling your sex story has never been this artistic. Canonizing the special moment you shared with the erotic art you made by hanging it on your bedroom wall and admire the beauty and art of sex.